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Like there's REALLY such a thing as being too late... [Nov. 7th, 2005|08:16 am]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

So, he's perfect, && he thinks that I am too. No really, he tells me this. Although, I dont know why-- have to admit that it's utterly cool that he thinks so. Really is. :] The best part is, that even though he's oh, -- 5 years too late, and 712 miles too far away [the only real complaint I'd have] I don't really care. Yeah. So what, it's been 5 years. Point is: he digs me. He makes me smile. && laugh SO HARD. He tells me that his day gets better when he can talk to me; reminds me of the little stupid things we did in middle school; plans to take me to the beach at 2am because I said I want to go & look at the stars &- will stay the night on the beach with me, because I want to see the sun come up over the water, too. He watches Legends of the Hidden Temple reruns, and knows that there are NO BETTER kid movies than 'The Never-Ending Story' or 'Fern Gully' ever made. He gets my "My Cousin Vinnie" refrences- and thinks they're funny. He calls me babe. It's cute.

And I bet... he'll be the kind of guy who can get away with kissing me on the forehead. What a feat. No joke. That's a feat. :]

but, you know. He's still 712 miles away... And that's way too far for me to have a relationship with someone. I couldnt do it. I have to *be* with someone to be with them. See them on a regular basis, hug them, kiss them, randomly go to their house at odd hours of the day-- you know the deal. 50 miles I can handle. But 700. I just can't bring myself to do it. [Which is why we plan for college, right kids? Lol. Apparently, we're going to live in an apartment together. The girl with the crazy guy who plays the drums 'till 3am. (or so Im told) lol.] I think I adore him. Come on now. Why does the big man way up there hate me?! The one kid who could get me over Zac... Really, the ONE kid who could teach me to fall in love again, and to TRUST guys again, and truly want to be in a relationship with -- he lives 712 miles away. Oh irony. I HATE YOU. =/