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Know Where You've Been;; Then Go. [Jul. 10th, 2005|05:15 pm]
1oo Things Everyone Needs To Kn0w About Me:

1. Im probably the most trusting person you'll ever meet.

2. Sometimes, my optimism is a mask;; that's right kids- my face doesnt come with a smile-warranty.

3. I hate roses.

4. I love daisies && tiger lillies. Oh- && Snap Dragons.

5. Take me camping over a night in a luxury hotel- it's more fun in the dirt, as far as Im concerned.

6. LusH has become my -middle- name.

7. It takes a LOT to make me mad & really REALLY hate you.

8. Call me a pascifist, because Id rather talk than knock your lights out, even though Im capable of it.

9. I know what it's like to not know where your next meal is going to come from. And it sucks.

10. In FLA, I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 7//8 people in it, depending on the day.

11. I love my step-family, && I realize that I lucked out in getting the greatest new mom & dad.

12. My room is yellow. & I love it.

13. I have the biggest walk in closet known to man; well- maybe not. But close.

14. We have a maid. It hate it.

15. I SWEAR, we're not "rich".

16. My dad has a "Hulk" gene that takes affect when he gets upset; I've acquired it.

18. I was a CHeerLeaDeR for 3 years. I loved it. Shut up.

19. There are times when I want to run back to him, && just stare.

20. I used to show horses. && I won. Lots.

21. Ive read almost EVERY book in the YA section at Barnes & Noble.

22. Ive read a lot of books.

23. I have a shoe fetish.

24. My nose is entirely my own. It doesnt match anyone in my family's.

25. I want to get my lip pierced. (Upper right, lower left.)

26. I'm going to have 5 tattoos.

27. I have a diary on every online journal site known to man.

28. Holding grudges is not my style; but its okay if you want to be mad at me. I just wont talk to you either.

29. you can NOT embarass me. Ever. Its not possible.

30. You cant scare me either. Feel free to try it, though.

31. Gadsden is the first place I ever felt at home in...

32. Ive only been in love once. (You only wish you knew who it was with.)

33. Im picky about who I date.

34. I like my coffee. Hot/cold/lukewarm. Mocha/caramel/expresso/specialty blend. ALL with extra chocolate shakey on top of some whipped cream.

35. Im a camera wh0re.

36. When I grow up, Im going to live in North Carolina, in an old planation home on 20 acers of rolling hill property.

37. Im looking forward to being a soccer-mom when I'm in my 30s.

38. In college, I'll live in a loft apt. down-town somewhere. Rickity metal stairs up to my door & everything.

39. I dont have a favorite color.

40. Or Band.

41. I will NEVER dye my hair with any kind of blonde. EVER.

42. If I did crack, I'd prolly explode.

43. Im into astrology, and check my horoscope religiously.

44. sometimes I say too much.

45. sometimes I say too little.

46. Id rather go to Waffle House than anywhere fancy on a date.

47. Sometimes, I crawl out onto my roof with a blanket && look at the stars.

48. I wish I could play an insturment. Particularly guitar.

49. Bass players are HOT.

50. Dancing in the rain is a sport for me.

51. Once, I was a ballerina. && I rocked.

52. I won a scholarship into a dance company; but I had to dr0p it.

53. I like to sing.

54. I have, like, a 2 second anger rebound rate.

55. There are only a few things that I honestly regret doing.

56. Im not afraid to end something if it'll be better off in the long run, no matter how much it hurts in the present.

57. Little things steal my heart. Like bubbles. && coffees. && middle of the night telephone calls. && 7 am text messages asking how I slept.

58. Im pretty easy to get along with.

59. I love eyeshadow.

60. I own 3 blue eyeshadows, a blue eyeliner, and blue mascara.

61. Thunderstorms = love.

62. I never wear foundation or concealer. Unless it's for prom.

63. Speaking in 3rd person is second nature for me.

64. Stage acting = love.

65. Thinking about writing a novel.

66. I like to procrastinate every now and then.

67. My mom & I harldy ever agree on anything.

68. My dad doesnt ever remember anything I tell him, so I stopped telling him things.

69. Im obsessed with being healthy most of the time. Just dont expect me to count carbs, or calories, or ANYTHING stupid like that.

70. My locker at school is ALWAYS spotless.

71. Old friends make the best new ones.

72. Im not as easily amused as I appear to be. It's just more fun to ACT like a ditz and then blow you out of the water when you discover that I actually CAN use my neurons. Boo-ya.

73. 19 is THE most important number to me. Really.

74. I think, "The Strange Career Of Jim Crow" by C.Vann Woodward is the most awful, boring, long-winded book Ive ever read.

75. I cant fall asleep with the radio or TV on.

76. but I CAN sleep at a concert. In front of an amp that's being used. Go figure.

77. Im not modest. At all.

78. Im not the monster that some people in Hokes Bluff make me out to be. Well, not the creature Tharon says I am. >>So if you know her, dont listen, mkay?

79. I used to be a jock. Major.

80. I have very few female friends; guys are just more relaxed.

81. There is more drama in 0ne day of my life than one episode of Laguna Beach//The OC.

82. I wish I wore glasses.

83. When I was a kid, I wanted braces S0 bad...

84. I dont take compliments very well, although I love recieving them.

85. I can type, talk on the phone, & read a book- all at the same time. Multitasking, yo.

86. Once, I snuck my boyfriend into my school to have lunch with me. && I got away with it.

87. Cutting 8 inches off of my hair was a BiG deal for me.

88. I bite my fingernails.

89. My phobia is the WEiRDEST: lack of circulation to the fingers

90. My dream car is a 1957 Ford Fairlane 500. Thats right folks, a NiNETEEN-FiFTY SEVEN.

91. I can have a conversation with Amanda, and only use these words: Wow. Things. People. Memories. YOU know...

92. I have a very distinct style of writing.

93. Sometimes you have to introduce yourself to me a few times. Im pretty bad with names/faces.

94. Telling me "I met you at a concert" is probably one of the most vauge statements you could ever make to me. I meet EVERYBODY at concerts.

95. If I tell you "I love you", you'd better believe that I mean it. Because I do, no matter what the context: relationship wise, friend, family. I LOVE YOU.

96. Im easily distracted.

97. I HATE that we have a maid.

98. I'd rather go thrift store shopping than hit up AE, Aero, Rampage, etc.

99. I own my own sewing machine. && I can use it. (Sort of..)

100. I like to spoil people. Espessically the people I date. Just dont spend $$$ on me back. I have a complex...mkay?

From: rutrage714
2005-07-12 03:26 pm (UTC)
Sometimes I realize how much we have in common..

It rocks that you can express stuff about yourself. Christi = phobia of any and all types of expression.

I LOVE YOU! ::think #95 is where we are most alike::
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[User Picture]From: jmacadam
2005-07-17 07:47 am (UTC)
89. My phobia is the WEiRDEST: lack of circulation to the fingers

lmao, i SO remember that day at lunch.. bahahabaH!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: x___masquerade
2005-07-25 02:02 am (UTC)
Lol- yeah; that was quite a day. But, then again- it's crazy any time somebody does that to me. *shivver* Id rather not think about it...

(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: heartsunbroken7
2005-07-28 04:35 am (UTC)
i especially love #86 cause i so aided and abetted in your illegalness of that day hahahah that was great and wev had great times...
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